Skincare with Agency
A LINE recently partnered with Curology on the development of their new personalized prescription skincare brand “Agency." Agency was created with the belief that high-quality, personal, and truly effective anti-aging skincare should be accessible to all—a direct response to current anti-aging brands marked by short-term, one-size-fits-all solutions that fail to take on the attitudes and concerns of women. With formulas customized for each person's unique skin, Agency's licensed dermatology providers partner with customers to address their skincare concerns today and help to prevent signs of aging in the future.
The ultimate goal: empowering a new generation to redefine for themselves what it means to age.

Brand Strategy
Messaging & TOV
Brand Identity
Packaging Concepts

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We looked at Scandinavian palettes, with a focus on neutral, muted tones that really complimented the product and ingredient shots, but didn’t overpower them. These colors also felt warm and contemporary, but also simple and classic, something the Rolfsen team was keen to convey.

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The core brand idea of “Our own age” is grounded in the powerful notions of choice, ownership, and strength, and captured by the name Agency - which speaks to a customer's ability to make their own choices and shape their own future. It was then brought to life through a brand personality and visual identity designed to feel modern and future-facing, but still approachable.

Victoria Sun, VP and GM of Emerging Markets at Curology, led the Curology team which included Creative Directors Ed Ng, Michelle Vandy, and Pam Zhang, with A LINE supporting across all foundational areas of brand creation. In addition, a number of other creative partners were involved in research, naming, consumer testing, and packaging design.

A LINE is proud to see the work out in the world and excited to see the brand grow from strength to strength.

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"A LINE was an incredible partner. I wanted to launch a brand that leans into how much women can and want to define life - and their skincare - on their own terms, especially as they get older and more confident in their own skin. A LINE understood the strategy and vision for the brand from the beginning and brought a brilliant mix of insight, creativity, and attention to detail."

Victoria Sun, VP and GM of Emerging Markets